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goth detectives

Friends Only!

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Oh. So you don't want the public to know about your herpes?
Geez, Zoe! Now there's no point in having my journal friends locked - everyone knows about my herpes :'(

But seriously, I just don't want people irl to read any of this, particularly a certain ex.
Think we would get on, so I added you - add back? x
All we have in common is "records", but listing various interests on an internet journal rarely gives a full impression of a person. And from what I've read, I'm sure we'll get on very well.

I'll add you back :)
Sorry, this is a bit random, but I noticed your ambassador "bringing sexy back" molari (or however you spell it) avi on justwolf's journal, and I LOVE it. Did you make it? Would you give me permission to use it on another forum (with credit, obv)?
Oh lol, I'm am neither talented enough, or funny enough to have made that icon. No, it was made by eumenides215 and if you go about three or four posts down there's loads of awesome B5 icons. Hope that helps :)
Yes, it helps very much! Thanks! I love me some londo.

Back and with new moderators, anonchat is the best place to talk about everything, nothing, and all that's in between. Come on by and tell us about your day, ask us for advice, ask questions, meet new friends, talk about movies, whatever you want.

Unlike most communities, you also have the option of remaining anonymous, so if you want to give away private information without anyone knowing it's you or just don't want your username to get out, that's fine by us.

So come on by to anonchat and get chatting! Please bear with us if things are a bit slow at first and just start posting, and hopefully soon we'll be back to being the best place to go and waste time online!
This is my new journal. Add me back!
duckie sing

March 2010

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